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Lory Rivera


Program Manager & Facilitator

Lory Rivera (she/her) is a Boricua born and raised in the island of Boriken. She is an artist, a writer, and a proud chicken mom. Lory holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and has written and published short stories and essays on womanhood, queerness, and the fight for liberation. As an artist, she has created murals and revolution pieces that showcase the drive and determination of her people and honor her indigenous ancestors. She is a queer femme born and raised in a highly patriarchal colony who experienced religious violence, gendered violence, community violence, and economic and racial displacement.

She began organizing at a young age, working with her community to set up potlucks, health fairs, and food and supply drives to promote mutual support and community care. Through her professional work with immigrant youth, she developed her passion for facilitating, organizing around community care, developing support systems, and educating people of all ages on how to use their voices to advocate against injustice. She believes that through healing work, we can learn the skills we need to practice care and empathy toward ourselves and others.

After working for a time in corporate project management, Lory witnessed first hand the ways that capitalism and systems of oppression permeate workspaces and further community trauma. She decided to dedicate herself fully to the work of community healing both through her work in the nonprofit sector and as an activist on her native land. Lory currently supports the work of Healing Together and their partner,
Reclaiming Our Own Transcendence (RooT), through her skills in program and project management, writing, facilitation, program design, and more.

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