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All donations include an allocation of 15% to critical core support costs. This helps fund:

  • A strong management team to steward the organization and build responsive, community-led programs

  • Due diligence of current and future partners and programs

  • Monitoring and evaluation of programs

  • Communicating with supporters about their impact

  • Regulatory compliance with federal and state agencies

  • Fundraising, grant-writing, and capacity building

  • Mental health and healing advocacy and awareness

The allocation of 15% is below the nonprofit industry standard of 35% and will be reviewed each year to determine if, together with grants and other fundraising, it is enough to cover actual costs or needs to be revised in the future

Read more about the dangers of employing a 100% model (where all funding goes to programs and not core support costs) and what Stanford University terms the Nonprofit Starvation Cycle

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