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An Art Exhibition Celebrating Mental Health and Healing

Art + Healing + Justice

At a time when war, violence, oppression, climate change, and a global pandemic continue to threaten our existence, the toll on our mental and emotional wellbeing is undeniable.


Art making has long served as a tool for healing. It can disrupt our fight-or-flight response, serve as an outlet for grief, outrage, joy, and hope, restore our sense of humanity, and help us make sense of the pain inside us and around us. It also taps into our imagination—the medicine we need to build a more equitable world.


This May 2022, during Mental Health Awareness month, Healing Together proudly launches its first annual virtual art exhibition.


At the intersection of art, healing, and justice, this exhibition aims to:


  • Uplift the importance of mental health and healing

  • Cultivate healing through creative expression

  • Break the stigma of mental health

  • Celebrate art and artists around the world

  • Raise funds for Healing Together's community-led mental health programs

The 2022 Exhibition

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